Our Path to the Homestead

Posted by Bonnie

Every house we have owned was going to be our 5 year house – up until our last house, which was going to be our 25 year house. Buying a house is a funny experience though… You spend 30 minutes looking at it and then decide if you would like to plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars on it  and commit to a 25 year payment / LIFE plan. It is actually insane when you think about it – you probably spend more time at the car dealership then you do when buying a house.

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How to low-carbify Thanksgiving

Lose pounds now, eat pie later.

Posted by Bonnie

Ok. Thanksgiving. It just passed for those in the USA and we celebrated in October in Canada. There is just no hope of a traditional Thanksgiving feast if you’re low carb – especially on the Atkins 20 which is closest to how we eat. Turkey? Check. Stuffing? Nope. Sweet potato? Nope. Regular mashed potato? Nope. Cranberry sauce? Nope? Gravy? Nope. Pumpkin flavored anything? Nope. I could go on.

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Our experience eating a low carb-high (LCHF) fat diet

Posted by Kyle

Something Bonnie and I have practiced and been advocates of over the last 13 or so years is living a low carb lifestyle. We both notice a huge difference in the way we feel when we eat this way and strive to be as consistent as possible. Having said that, we aren’t perfect because there are two things I know for a fact. Life can be very stressful and cinnamon buns are delicious.

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What kind of people sell their spacious home on a lake in the suburbs to move to a comparatively tiny fixer upper on a small acreage to start homesteading and live the life of their dreams? Crazy people? That’s right! Our names are Bonnie and Kyle and this is the ongoing story of our adventures together after moving our family out of the city and into rural Manitoba, Canada.20180119_140558_edited