DIY Natural Deodorant (with only Seven Ingredients!)

Anyone can be a homesteader. And if you’re doing it in an apartment, it isn’t practical to hang on to stuff you really don’t need. If you have a comfortable household income, there is no reason to do things as inexpensively as possible. Most importantly… If you’re looking for 100% farmstead based income? Yeah, don’t relax. Work HARD. The money isn’t just going to appear. 

Posted by Bonnie

Making a natural deodorant has been on my to do list for a long time, mostly because Kyle asked me to. He has used some version of Old Spice antiperspirant since I have been with him (14 years…. wow) which contains some suspect ingredients, namely aluminum among others, such as talc.

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Apple Cider Hair Rinse

Posted by Bonnie

Ok so you’ve made a shampoo bar and you’ve use it a few times and you’re ready to quit. Your hair feels like it is in desperate need of conditioner, or it feels gunked up. WHY! You thought this luxurious natural product would change your hair for the better, right? Sssshhhh. Don’t worry. It will! Continue reading “Apple Cider Hair Rinse”

DIY Shampoo Bars

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Recently I’ve had a lot of questions about a post I had up for a couple of days in our Instagram story (@homesteadalive) about my shampoo bars. I’ve been making them for a while now and have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of my hair. Continue reading “DIY Shampoo Bars”

DIY Emergency Candles

Posted by Bonnie

We both used to laugh at the idea of someone stocking up on toilet paper (my Dad…) or having a pantry full of canned food just in case ‘shit hits the fan’. We always thought that they were being paranoid or had a pessimistic world view… That is, until we moved to the country.

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