Review: Coops & Feathers Superior Hen House

Posted by Bonnie

Earlier this year our local Peavey Mart had a grand opening sale and put the Coops & Feathers Superior Hen House on at a deep discount. Until that point we had been considering building our own coop but (as always) time was in short supply, and we had a commitment to pick up 5 pullets very soon. We decided that at half price ($150) we could purchase two of these coops and combine them into a ‘super coop’ of sorts.

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Choosing a Pressure Canner

Posted by Bonnie

I think pressure canning came up when we were discussing our 1-5 year plans for our property and trying to decide how large our garden should be. I know I was worried that if we had a huge garden, or planted many fruit trees, that vegetables and fruit would spoil before we could ever hope to eat it. So when I saw Kyle’s sketched yard plan and said I was concerned, he launched into a speech about canning food. Continue reading “Choosing a Pressure Canner”