Well hello there.

Posted by Kyle

You have seen a few posts from my lovely wife Bonnie already so I figured I would take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I am the other half of the dynamic duo known as Bonnie and Kyle (insert Bonnie and Clyde joke here).

I am the chief renovation officer of this operation after having picked up a large skill set from my father over the years (Thanks Dad.. It comes in super handy to be handy). I am extremely interested in fitness and nutrition, gardening/beekeeping, personal finance and of course, renovating so expect to hear a lot from me on these topics.

Looking forward to getting to know you.


What kind of people sell their spacious home on a lake in the suburbs to move to a comparatively tiny fixer upper on a small acreage to start homesteading and live the life of their dreams? Crazy people? That’s right! Our names are Bonnie and Kyle and this is the ongoing story of our adventures together after moving our family out of the city and into rural Manitoba, Canada.20180119_140558_edited