Our Path to the Homestead

Posted by Bonnie

Every house we have owned was going to be our 5 year house – up until our last house, which was going to be our 25 year house. Buying a house is a funny experience though… You spend 30 minutes looking at it and then decide if you would like to plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars on it  and commit to a 25 year payment / LIFE plan. It is actually insane when you think about it – you probably spend more time at the car dealership then you do when buying a house.

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Planting Fruit Trees

The first wave of fruit trees are in the ground!

Posted by Kyle

One of the first projects we took on when we moved to the country (aside from an extensive interior reno) was planting fruit trees. We did this because on average fruit trees take about 3 years to bear fruit and we didn’t want to waste any time.

open prairie with fruit trees and a white truck with text overlay reading "Planting Fruit Trees"
Apricot, Apple, Pear, Cherry and  Plum trees. Also featured in this photo is our trusty farm truck that is worth it’s weight in gold even though it leaks transmission fluid like a sieve, the tailgate falls off and one headlight pops out.

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What kind of people sell their spacious home on a lake in the suburbs to move to a comparatively tiny fixer upper on a small acreage to start homesteading and live the life of their dreams? Crazy people? That’s right! Our names are Bonnie and Kyle and this is the ongoing story of our adventures together after moving our family out of the city and into rural Manitoba, Canada.20180119_140558_edited