How To Cope With Unsupportive People

Posted by Bonnie

How to cope with unsupportive people. This is a bit of a deep topic, that hits very close to home for me because it’s not just any people, either. I am talking close friends. Maybe, close family. A grandparent. A brother, even. You decide. I think we all have someone like this – If you don’t, count yourself lucky.

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DIY Natural Deodorant (with only Seven Ingredients!)

Anyone can be a homesteader. And if you’re doing it in an apartment, it isn’t practical to hang on to stuff you really don’t need. If you have a comfortable household income, there is no reason to do things as inexpensively as possible. Most importantly… If you’re looking for 100% farmstead based income? Yeah, don’t relax. Work HARD. The money isn’t just going to appear. 

Posted by Bonnie

Making a natural deodorant has been on my to do list for a long time, mostly because Kyle asked me to. He has used some version of Old Spice antiperspirant since I have been with him (14 years…. wow) which contains some suspect ingredients, namely aluminum among others, such as talc.

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Our Path to the Homestead

Posted by Bonnie

Every house we have owned was going to be our 5 year house – up until our last house, which was going to be our 25 year house. Buying a house is a funny experience though… You spend 30 minutes looking at it and then decide if you would like to plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars on it  and commit to a 25 year payment / LIFE plan. It is actually insane when you think about it – you probably spend more time at the car dealership then you do when buying a house.

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DIY Emergency Candles

Posted by Bonnie

We both used to laugh at the idea of someone stocking up on toilet paper (my Dad…) or having a pantry full of canned food just in case ‘shit hits the fan’. We always thought that they were being paranoid or had a pessimistic world view… That is, until we moved to the country.

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