A Beginners Guide to Beehives

Now as a disclaimer, the title of this post is “A Beginners Guide to Beehive(s).” I meant that in the plural sense as there are a number of different types of hives but I will only be discussing one, the Langstroth hive. This is by far the most common beehive out there and is the one you will see in fields all stacked up.

Posted by Kyle

One of the reasons Bonnie and I decided to pull the plug on suburban life is because city laws prevented us from keeping bees in our yard (this has since changed, but we are happy to be here anyway!). This is a hobby that both Bonnie and I were very interested in pursuing but we knew we would have to move elsewhere to do it. So we did. Bees are awesome little insects that have an immense ecological impact. If you are a gardener of any size, bees are responsible for a good a portion of your success. In fact, they are directly responsible for pollinating about 35% of the worlds food supply. Pretty darn cool, but also VERY important to us humans.

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Our Path to the Homestead

Posted by Bonnie

Every house we have owned was going to be our 5 year house – up until our last house, which was going to be our 25 year house. Buying a house is a funny experience though… You spend 30 minutes looking at it and then decide if you would like to plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars on it  and commit to a 25 year payment / LIFE plan. It is actually insane when you think about it – you probably spend more time at the car dealership then you do when buying a house.

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Well hello there.

Posted by Kyle

You have seen a few posts from my lovely wife Bonnie already so I figured I would take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I am the other half of the dynamic duo known as Bonnie and Kyle (insert Bonnie and Clyde joke here).

I am the chief renovation officer of this operation after having picked up a large skill set from my father over the years (Thanks Dad.. It comes in super handy to be handy). I am extremely interested in fitness and nutrition, gardening/beekeeping, personal finance and of course, renovating so expect to hear a lot from me on these topics.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

What’s the deal?

posted by Bonnie

Let me start by saying this is not our dream property. Kyle and I have been together since we were 16 and have always dreamed of ‘country living’ but what we had in mind was more in the realm of 80+ acres, not 2. So what’s the deal? Why did we move onto two acres only 5 minutes from Winnipeg? Kids. Yup, kids happened and we realized what compromise is. Sure, we could have moved an hour or more from the city but balance was our goal. Being close to medical care, child care options and maximizing the time the kids get to spend with grandparents and extended family were all very important factors in the decision. 

So now that we are here we want to transform our property into our dream property through renovations, plantings / yard improvements and other hobbies which would not have been possible within city limits. 

We’ve been living on our little homestead for just over a month, and had the property for almost two before moving in. Since we’ve just started this blog there is a lot of catch up to do!