DIY Natural Deodorant (with only Seven Ingredients!)

Anyone can be a homesteader. And if you’re doing it in an apartment, it isn’t practical to hang on to stuff you really don’t need. If you have a comfortable household income, there is no reason to do things as inexpensively as possible. Most importantly… If you’re looking for 100% farmstead based income? Yeah, don’t relax. Work HARD. The money isn’t just going to appear. 

Posted by Bonnie

Making a natural deodorant has been on my to do list for a long time, mostly because Kyle asked me to. He has used some version of Old Spice antiperspirant since I have been with him (14 years…. wow) which contains some suspect ingredients, namely aluminum among others, such as talc.

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The Pointless Pursuit of Perfection: Dog Fence Edition

Posted by Kyle

As winter turns to spring, projects around the homestead are starting to ramp up. We are still buried by at least a foot of snow but the temps have been hovering around 0°C for the last week or so and it’s starting to melt :D:D:D

This past weekend, Bonnie and I tackled a little DIY dog fence expansion. You see, our dogs aren’t what you would call “good dogs.” They tend to run away at any chance they get (they are half husky after all). We (mistakenly) thought that the 3′ wire fence we installed in the summer last year would contain them (HA!) but turns out once the snow gets 18″ deep and the dogs bend the top down a little they can basically step over it. So after the 50th time they escaped we decided we needed to do something about it.

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A Beginners Guide to Beehives

Now as a disclaimer, the title of this post is “A Beginners Guide to Beehive(s).” I meant that in the plural sense as there are a number of different types of hives but I will only be discussing one, the Langstroth hive. This is by far the most common beehive out there and is the one you will see in fields all stacked up.

Posted by Kyle

One of the reasons Bonnie and I decided to pull the plug on suburban life is because city laws prevented us from keeping bees in our yard (this has since changed, but we are happy to be here anyway!). This is a hobby that both Bonnie and I were very interested in pursuing but we knew we would have to move elsewhere to do it. So we did. Bees are awesome little insects that have an immense ecological impact. If you are a gardener of any size, bees are responsible for a good a portion of your success. In fact, they are directly responsible for pollinating about 35% of the worlds food supply. Pretty darn cool, but also VERY important to us humans.

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The Top Three Reasons We Prep

Posted by Kyle 

Our family values and beliefs have been slowly evolving over the last number of years. As we transitioned to our new life on the homestead it became clear to us that the services we came to rely on as city dwellers were actually very fragile things. We learned this the hard way when our well stopped pumping the week we moved in. It was reinforced when our effluent pump died and we had no way to dispose of waste water. Add that to a number of power outages and you very quickly realize that you are not prepared to deal with unexpected situations.

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