Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations – A Review

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations – A Review

Posted by Bonnie

All opinions in this post, as in everything I write, are mine and mine alone. I am in no way affiliated with Rustoleum and the information in this article is from my own experience with no influence from any 3rd party.

When we bought this house we were excited with the kitchen but it was really ugly. I wanted to update the appliances and the counter top was a very unattractive, water damaged blue laminate. The reason we were excited was because the cabinets were in super good shape inside and out; from our previous renovations we know first hand how expensive cabinets are so we were glad not to replace them… Problem being they were a natural oak color which didn’t appeal to us (me) AT ALL. Kyle wanted to leave them as they were but I REALLY wanted to paint them and promised that (at 7 months pregnant) I would handle everything from taking them off the hinges to prepping, painting, and replacing them.

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When your effluent pump breaks

Posted by Kyle

So by now you know that the week we moved in to this cursed house our well completely died. But what we haven’t mentioned yet is that very same week our effluent pump died. To be fair it probably never actually worked to begin with but still… No water in, no “water” out… Like I said, cursed.

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Oh, Well….

Post by Bonnie

After living in the house for a week I turned the kitchen faucet on and… no water. Not a drop. Turns out this is one of the problems with purchasing a formerly vacant home. The well pump was sitting at the bottom of a galvanized pipe for five years, unused. Then we purchased the home and used it – a LOT. During the period of vacancy sediment settled into and around the well pump so when we started it up again the sediment created a blockage, effectively rendering the pump useless. So, we called a repair person.

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Before and (kind of) after…

Posted by Bonnie

This is the fourth home Kyle and I have owned and the fourth home we have put pretty extensive renovations into – BUT it is the first home where we haven’t done pretty much everything ourselves. Since we were dealing with a toddler and because I am pregnant with our second child it was impossible for us to do the all of work ourselves. We hired Kyle’s dad and sister (who have a renovation company) to do most of it for us which was fantastic. Because of this though, I don’t have a lot of progress shots. Here is what I DO have…

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