The Top Three Reasons We Prep

Posted by Kyle 

Our family values and beliefs have been slowly evolving over the last number of years. As we transitioned to our new life on the homestead it became clear to us that the services we came to rely on as city dwellers were actually very fragile things. We learned this the hard way when our well stopped pumping the week we moved in. It was reinforced when our effluent pump died and we had no way to dispose of waste water. Add that to a number of power outages and you very quickly realize that you are not prepared to deal with unexpected situations.

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Choosing a Pressure Canner

Posted by Bonnie

I think pressure canning came up when we were discussing our 1-5 year plans for our property and trying to decide how large our garden should be. I know I was worried that if we had a huge garden, or planted many fruit trees, that vegetables and fruit would spoil before we could ever hope to eat it. So when I saw Kyle’s sketched yard plan and said I was concerned, he launched into a speech about canning food. Continue reading “Choosing a Pressure Canner”

DIY Emergency Candles

Posted by Bonnie

We both used to laugh at the idea of someone stocking up on toilet paper (my Dad…) or having a pantry full of canned food just in case ‘shit hits the fan’. We always thought that they were being paranoid or had a pessimistic world view… That is, until we moved to the country.

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