DIY Natural Deodorant (with only Seven Ingredients!)

Anyone can be a homesteader. And if you’re doing it in an apartment, it isn’t practical to hang on to stuff you really don’t need. If you have a comfortable household income, there is no reason to do things as inexpensively as possible. Most importantly… If you’re looking for 100% farmstead based income? Yeah, don’t relax. Work HARD. The money isn’t just going to appear. 

Posted by Bonnie

Making a natural deodorant has been on my to do list for a long time, mostly because Kyle asked me to. He has used some version of Old Spice antiperspirant since I have been with him (14 years…. wow) which contains some suspect ingredients, namely aluminum among others, such as talc.

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DIY Herbal Skin Salve & Paw Balm

Posted by Bonnie

I want to start by saying I am a recent believer in the power of an herbal salve. I have always been a modern medicine junkie – I believe in it. I use prescriptions when prescribed and if I get a scrape, I use an antibacterial cream. So what changed? After having my second child six months ago (and living in a Canadian climate with harsh, dry winters), I have had daily flare-ups of hives and dry patches of red skin that are extremely itchy. I’ve tried all kinds of expensive lotions and medicinal ointments to find relief with no success. Since moving to our own homestead I have been trying to become more self-sufficient and live more naturally. I figured I would roll up my sleeves and give salve making a try – and LET.ME.TELL.YOU…. Within literally moments of slathering my salve on my skin, the red patches and hives disappear. One of our dogs recently got frostbite on her paws, and now we treat the dogs paws before they go outside; No more frostbite and no more ice damage. 

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Save Money and Get Fit with A DIY Home Gym

Posted by Kyle

As a fitness enthusiast, one thing that I wasn’t entirely prepared to give up on when moving to the homestead was a gym. This posed a bit of a problem however because we aren’t particularly close to any fitness clubs not to mention the cost of membership! We have had something of a epiphany when it comes to frugality lately, and have entered what we call “austerity mode.”

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Exercise – Fun For the Whole Family 

Posted by Kyle

Exercise has been a constant throughout most of my life. I would even go so far as to say that it is my favorite hobby. In that regard I count myself very lucky as I know that for most it is a dreaded activity done out of necessity, not enjoyment. For me, it started way back when I was 12 years old. Grade 6 was not my best year; I was chubby, out of shape and didn’t feel great about myself. So when the sign went up at school looking for run club members, I figured, what the heck let’s give it a shot.

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