Our Month, in Review

Posted by Bonnie + Kyle 

It’s hard to believe that we are through November already and Christmas is 3 weeks away. November was a typically busy month for us with the added stress of a toddler’s birthday party thrown in the mix. Big H celebrated her 2nd birthday in November and Little H continues to grow like a weed. He has officially surpassed Kyle’s baby stats and Kyle is almost 6’5″ – NHL, here he comes!

On the homestead we are in full on winter mode now. The yard is covered in about 8″ of snow meaning outdoor projects pretty much shut down for the year. Kyle did manage to cut down a couple trees on one of the warmer days… Which is great as we still have about 100 dead poplars to go! At least we will have no shortage of firewood.

Bonnie has been VERY busy soaping away in the basement. She is very talented and has created some truly spectacular recipes – even some just for beginners that we are looking forward to sharing with everyone in the future (update: check one out here!). In the meantime she whipped up an awesome and easy to do Bath Bomb recipe that anyone can do.

Our days have taken on a bit of a hectic routine lately, something along the lines of: kids, breakfast and kids, kids, work, kids, Instagram and kids, cold dinner (kids), kids bath, kids to bed, chores, soap / blog, collapse in bed. We always shoot for bed by midnight but it almost never happens. It’s been fun though, we both enjoy writing and crafting and spending time with one another so it’s hard to call this work… But it would be a lie to say it is easy.

One night while Bonnie was out on a well deserved girls night, I decided to bust out a pencil and ruler and really dig in to our plans: I drew out all of the elements we want to add to our homestead over the next 3 years and it’s given us a lot to think about. To back up a bit, we are 6 months in to this project now and got a good start over the summer but most of our time was occupied by the house itself which left little room for the ‘fun’ stuff. We did manage to get some fruit trees in the ground, build a grape trellis, pot a whole bunch of trees… but with a baby on the way, and a toddler to watch, Bonnie couldn’t be as hands on as she normally is and we weren’t very productive.

There has been so much change around here with the move, the new baby, a toddler who is changing everyday. When we moved here we had some plans… bees, a few chickens. This has evolved quickly into an addictive homesteading lifestyle and a dramatic change in goals for both me and Kyle. We both see ourselves in much different places in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years from now than we had envisioned even 6 months ago when we moved to the farm. But I think we are so lucky because we are on the same page, literally for everything. Which is so lucky because… What if we weren’t? What if one of us passionately wanted to change their life but the other one didn’t? And the beautiful thing is we arrived here independently. Called by some internal force. Kyle said to me one day a few weeks ago, “What if we started a blog?” and that’s when I showed him homesteadalive.com, the blog I started before little H was born and had tucked away until life was less crazy.

As great as that is though, we aren’t perfect. House issues combined with pregnancy, now a second child and starting her own business has created stress levels for Bonnie that she has never experienced before. We are arguing more than usual. But at the end of the day we love each other and know each other well enough after 13 1/2 years not to take the squabbles to heart. As the kids get older it gets easier, and will give us more of the commodity we so desperately need… Time. Time together, time for our business, time for my day job and time to continue building our family dream of homesteading.


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