No-sew Felt Christmas Stocking DIY

two handmade felt stockings hanging from a fireplace mantle

Posted by Bonnie

You know that awkward moment when you’re decorating for Christmas and you realize… Your 2 year-old’s stocking says “Baby’s First Christmas” and you don’t have one for your infant? No, eh…. Just me. Well it happened, and what’s a girl to do on short notice? Make quick and easy no-sew stockings! At least until I can get it together and make better ones (it will never happen).

Ok. So first, what do I need to make these things with?

  • Felt. I bought different colors for each kid – mostly whites for big H and mostly grey for little H. But buy whatever you like, it’s your stocking! I bought two 36″x 36″ felt ‘sheets’ (I have enough left over for at least another stocking in each color), and four 9 x 12 felt sheets (two varieties, and two of each but only ended up using one of each).
  • Glue. I bought tacky glue, mostly because I thought it was on sale (it wasn’t…) but you could really use any fabric glue, or even hot glue.
  • Scissors. I use these fabric scissors and let me tell you, they rock. Makes cutting the felt so so so much easier.
  • Wooden initials, one for each kid. If you don’t want to use wood though, you can cut a letter out of your extra felt.
  • Sewing pins – Not 100% required but I used them to hold the hanging loops in place while the glue dried.
  • Fabric pencil or marker of some kind – I used a sharpie.

I started by unfolding my 36″ x 36″ felt sheets and tracing the “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking to use as a template. If you have a stocking of any kind already, trace it out. Or, freehand one using the rough measurements in the picture.

The outline of a christmas stocking drawn on felt using a permanent marker
Not the greatest help but the measurements from top clockwise are 8″, 12″, 2″ then round out the toe, then 6″ to the heel, and 13″ back up to the top.

Anyway, draw or trace your stocking shape on to the felt. My felt didn’t have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side like fabric does, but pick the side that looks best and do NOT draw on it. You will want to trace one out, then flip your template and do the other side. a large white piece of felt with the outline of two Christmas stockings drawn on with marker

Cut your pieces out and trim them up if necessary to mirror each other. Apply a thin line of glue around the perimeter of one of the stocking shapes, about 1/8″ in from the edge, leaving the top of the stocking unglued.A hand holding a bottle of white fabric glue applying a thin bead to the outside edges of the stocking

Insert your hanging loop into the top corner of the stocking and glue it into place. I used a sewing pin to hold it where I wanted it until the glue dried. For big H’s stocking I braided 3 skinny pieces of felt together to make the loop. For little H’s, I cut out a solid strip about 1/2″ wide to use as the loop.20171201_211834

Now you can decorate the stocking. You can pretty much do whatever you want here, I thought heel and toe caps looked cute so that’s what I did. To make the cuff, I cut a piece of 9″ x 12″ fabric in half lengthwise to make a 4.5″ x 12″ piece. Then I aligned it with one outer edge of the stocking, glued it into place and trimmed the excess that hung over the edge. To make the embellishment I just drew out a basic snowflake and a basic antler laurel. They are FAR from perfect! But, I think the imperfectness adds to their charm – and you certainly don’t need to use one.

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What do you think? I think they turned out pretty cute – Not bad for about an hours effort if you’re in a pinch like I was!two handmade felt stockings hanging from a fireplace mantle


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