Before and (kind of) after…

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This is the fourth home Kyle and I have owned and the fourth home we have put pretty extensive renovations into – BUT it is the first home where we haven’t done pretty much everything ourselves. Since we were dealing with a toddler and because I am pregnant with our second child it was impossible for us to do the all of work ourselves. We hired Kyle’s dad and sister (who have a renovation company) to do most of it for us which was fantastic. Because of this though, I don’t have a lot of progress shots. Here is what I DO have…

What it looked like when we got it
We hate removing healthy trees, but these cedars were so close to the house and blocked a lot of light from the living room
After we replaced the porch, front door and exterior lights
The existing living room had two entries making furniture placement difficult, and a really ugly wood paneled beam
One of the things we loved about the house was the cedar ceiling in the living room, but the paneling around the beam and the windows made the whole house feel dark and depressing
Major change came through painting out the paneling and trim on the exterior wall
We replaced the ceiling fan with a more modern one, drywalled the beam to make it brighter and closed off the entry from the hallway – We also widened the primary entrance by 12″
Luckily the kitchen cabinets were in great shape, but the flooring was badly stained and the lighting was very dated

That’s pretty much it for now – Of course, the bedrooms and the bathrooms aren’t shown and neither is the finished living room / kitchen / dining area. This is mostly because I can’t seem to get the house cleaned up in order to take good photos! So that will all come in a later post. For now, I will just summarize the work that was done to this point:

  • Stipple ceilings scraped and patched / painted
  • Fairly extensive cracks in the walls and around the ceiling repaired (this house was in a major flood 20 years ago and settled a bit, I guess it was never fixed)
  • Flooring removed throughout and replaced with laminate in the main living areas, carpet in the bedrooms and heated tile floor in the bathrooms
  • Front door replaced with a fiberglass single lite door, back door replaced with a sliding glass door (brings in way more light than the existing garden door did)
  • Walls painted throughout, paneling and ceiling beam also painted
  • Painted the kitchen cabinets
  • Replaced the toilet, tub / shower and vanity in the main bathroom (master bath is a work in progress)
  • Replaced all of the light fixtures and added a lot of recessed lighting in the main living area
  • Replaced the trim throughout (a work in progress, because we are still waiting on the interior doors to arrive)

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